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General Installation FAQs

Not at all! Every bathroom faucet should have a removable aerator. Your bathroom faucet aerator is designed to be cleaned monthly! Sink Spinner simply replaces your old aerator, and a plumber is not required.

No, we’ve included everything you need to remove your old aerator and install your new Sink Spinner in it’s place. 

Sink Spinner is designed to work on MOST regular bathroom faucets. Sink Spinner is designed to replace a round aerator. Therefore, there are a few types of faucets, like a waterfall type faucet, or square faucet, that Sink Spinner will not work with. Please send us a note if you have a specific question about your faucet and we can help you. 

Still have questions our Sink Spinner support page didn’t answer? No problem! We are here for you and want to help with any questions you might have! Feel free to reach out between 9am-9 pm by phone at 800-388-5104. You can also connect with us by chat on our website, or email us at 

No. Removing an aerator is not plumbing.

No. It’s really simple. It might take a few minutes. If you have calcium buildup, you might want to use some simple oil to loosen it up.

Just take your time, use our tool, and simply remove the aerator.

No. The aerator should be removed and changed periodically anyway. The aerator simply screws back on your faucet.

You can’t break your faucet.

No. Once you attach the Sink spinner you have a state of the art, 1 gallon per minute aerator.

You can purchase 1 gallon per minute from our website. Not only is it the best aerator on the market but it will be cheaper than going to Lowe’s or Amazon.

Setting up your Sink Spinner

Need help getting your new attachment onto your faucet? Browse our Sink Spinner support page to learn more about proper installation.

Choose an option below to see detailed instructions on how to set up your Sink Spinner.

installing your sink spinner

Setting up your new sink spinner is as easy and simple at it gets. With the included tools, anyone can do it- even a child! Watch this video to learn exactly what you get in your box, then how to remove that old aerator with ease so you can install your new Sink Spinner instead.

attachments & Adapters walk through

The Sink Spinner supports a variety of attachment options to connect to your faucet. Check out this video to learn more about installing attachments with your Sink Spinner.

Sink Spinner- breakaway feature

Sink Spinner was designed with your safety in mind. If you or anyone in your household pulls too hard on the Sink Spinner during use, no harm can come to your faucet or your Sink Spinner. The breakaway feature, featured in this video shows you what to expect, and how to re-assemble should you need it.

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