Sink Spinner is designed to easily replace your faucet aerator.

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The faucet’s aerator is probably not one of the things that come to mind when we consider the meaningful features in our bathrooms. However, it serves many purposes and we probably appreciate it without knowing. Besides regulating the shape of the water’s flow and reducing noise and splash, its sieve plate catches small sediment, and it creates those familiar bubbles that actually conserve water while adding perceived water pressure. Your faucet’s aerator over time can get clogged with minerals, dirt, and sediment and should be removed and cleaned often.

Even though it quietly operates as the unsung hero of our bathroom sinks, there is a way to upgrade the benefits of your faucet aerator and add function to your faucet. Built to simply replace your existing faucet aerator, Sinkspinner’s patent-pending design increases your water pressure while conserving up to one gallon of water every sixty seconds.

Additionally, Sink Spinner’s faucet head’s spinning motion redirects water to clean your sink more effectively with less work and less use of harsh chemicals. No more need to scoop and splash handfuls of water to clear out debris after spraying the sink basin with cleaners and corrosives. Sinkspinner revolutionizes your bathroom faucet and saves you money on your monthly water bill. You can have a more useful faucet at less cost. So why stick with good when you can have better!


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