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Sink Spinner Wrap


Sink Spinner Wrap


Everyone loves customized bathroom products, from monogrammed towels to shower curtains and bathmats. Sink Spinner is one of those products that will make your bathroom faucet fun and unique.

Our wraps snap on the spinner. They come in multiple colors, depictions, and seasonal ornamentations. You can customize your SinkSpinner with a favorite animal, your choice of a holiday rendering or just an awesome color. How fun would it be to see a ghost whirl around the spinner during Halloween? Or a ballerina pirouette gracefully as a child applies toothpaste to the toothbrush and begins to diligently brush their teeth? We encourage you to purchase as many as you like and change them at your whim. Colors, fun characters, and seasonal depictions are only the beginning.

Additional information

Weight.045 kg
Dimensions17.78 × 4.45 × 5.7 cm

Orange/Purple, Pink/Blue

FREE Shipping within the USA for any order over $50 and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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