Our Story Started With a Problem

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Sometimes in business, just as in life, no matter how much you plan, things do not work out the way you expect. The unplanned can bring the best opportunities. The key is learning to adapt to changes.

I learned this when I was young, or maybe I always had a little of that instinct, but it’s served me very well in life. After High School I, like most other kids, went straight to college.  After my Sophomore year I dropped out.  My grades were good, in fact, I had mostly A’s in all my classes.  However, I was uninspired and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that instead of wasting two years, countless amounts of money to walk away with a degree in which I might never even use, I decided it was time to explore. With $800 in my pocket, I convinced a friend of mine to go live in St. Thomas for a year. We had no jobs lined up, and no real plans, we just knew we wanted an adventure.

That year of adventure taught me a lot about life, and how to adapt to change, and how to turn challenges into opportunities.

Fast forward to my current role as Founder at Sink Spinner. We had an engineering challenge during the early phase of prototyping. Our engineer, Bill, found a way to increase the force of water, so that our product would function the way we wanted, which was amazing! But that created a problem. Water flowed too fast and was creating too much water pressure and water was going everywhere. Instead of looking at the problem as something to fix, we chose to adapt and look at that problem as an opportunity. That problem is how we turned Sink Spinner from just a super cool cleaning device into an eco-friendly attachment that will collectively save tons of water.

Change happens, at Sink Spinner, we will continue to embrace and learn from it.

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