Spring is the time to clean your Bathroom aerator.

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Spring is the time to clean your Bathroom Aerator.

By: Lisa Bredbenner


              Spring is the time to clean your Bathroom Aerator.


Everyone loves the clean, wispy smells of Spring.  It gets us motivated to throw open the windows , bring in the fresh air and CLEAN!


The two rooms we are all afraid of are the kitchen and bathroom.  Tackle them with gusto and enthusiasm.




Go through your pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator.  Throw away cracked dishes and expired food.  Wipe everything down.  If you don’t have a kitchen faucet with a sprayer…consider using the Sink Spinner  on your existing kitchen faucet.  A few extra extenders will do the trick if you have a gooseneck faucet.  This will leave your kitchen sink rinsed after every use.




Go through your medicine cabinet and throw away expired items.  Wash the walls and change your shower curtain.  Most importantly, clean the aerator in the sink faucet.  That little mesh part builds up mold, water deposit, and bacteria.  They get disgusting.


Aerators act as filters and water savers.  Our Sink Spinner aerator is the best in the world.  It is eco-friendly by only using one gallon of water per minute.  It exceeds the government standards.  Even with that…pressure is not sacrificed.


To remove your existing aerator, first, put a cloth in the sink so you don’t lose any parts down the drain.  Remove the aerator by using the removal tool that is in the Sink Spinner box. 



If you are just cleaning out and putting your existing aerator back in, unscrew the aerator and rinse the parts with hot water or white vinegar.  Use an old toothbrush for pesky, caked on gunk.  Once the parts are dry, reinstall.


We at Sink Spinner highly recommend our product.  It saves money, time, and water.  As for the aerators in your life…don’t be afraid to remove them and replace them.  Easy as pie.

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