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We're Sink Spinner and we're about to change the way you use your bathroom sink- forever.

Our Mission

Sink Spinner ™  is a new and innovative consumer brand focused on improving the outdated faucet as we know it. We use the power of your running water, to automate rinsing your sink. 

But, our mission is more than just helping keep your sink clean, our goal is much bigger. The Sink Spinner ™ conserves water. We’ve created an amazing device that takes your existing wasteful water flow, and slows the flow from your faucet. The most amazing part is that our patent-pending technology increases the water pressure inside of our device, so you will experience no noticeable difference in water flowing from your faucet.  We’ve reduced the flow down to 1.0 Gallons per minute while in regular faucet flow, saving you an average of 1 Gallon of water per minute.  

If every household in America could conserve just 1 gallon of water per day, the Sink Spinner can effortlessly help conserve 128 million gallons of water per day – or 46 billion gallons of water per year. 

We are committed to making a collective impact.

Lisa Bredbenner- Co-CEO
Bryan Alintoff - Co-Ceo
Dr. Renee Wild
Bill Bredbenner

The Sink Spinner Team

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