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  • Toothpaste
  • Shaving cream and Whiskers
  • Make-up
  • Dirty Sinks
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Meet Sink Spinner

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Meet Sink Spinner

You can now have the cleanest bathroom sinks without lifting a finger! No more scrubbing or wiping down the sink after every use. Just turn on the water and let it do its thing!

Sink Spinner

Get your Sink Spinner today and receive free shipping! With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

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No more scrubbing or wiping down the sink after every use with the Sink Spinner. Just turn on the water and let it do its thing!

  • Simply attaches to your existing bathroom faucet.
  • 3 Modes – Regular, Spin and Swivel.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • High Quality – Made with a copper core.

Install Once, Use Forever

It’s not plumbing! Just attach this easy to install device to your existing faucet, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a hands free, automatic sink cleaner in less than 5 minutes.

Sink Spinner replaces your existing faucet aerator and is so easy to install, even a child can do it!

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"It's so easy, you never have to remove it!"




  • 1 gallon/minute aerator
  • Saves water
  • Saves time
  • Saves money

What's In The Box?

Everything’s in the Box! No need for a Hardware store. Each box contains everything you need to install and run your Sink Spinner and start saving water:

  • Your Sink Spinner
  • Aerator Removal Tool
  • Faucet Adapter – to fit most regular round faucets
  • Extenders – allowing for different sink heights
  • Instructions

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Customer Reviews

So Simple. So Clean. So Good.

From production to shipping, we care about making Sink Spinner with the smallest footprint possible. That’s why we’re committed to continuously improving and evolving our practices to be greener than they were the day before.


The Sink Spinner is manufactured with a simple injection molded part. We invested in molds that have the capacity to run 1 million parts. In addition, we are using all eco-friendly materials and our manufacturing partner is committed to being a zero-waste facility.


We've got sustainability covered! Our packaging is made from recycled material with eco-friendly ink and we've even taken it a step further by designing our shipping box to be repurposable as a memento box! Our packaging is compact, and does not include any wasteful plastics or fillers.


We are committed to offsetting the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping the Sink Spinner and are actively seeking partners in logistics and non-profits with expertise in sustainable business practice who can help us meet this goal.

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