Simple, sophisticated, eco-friendly and fun! The Future of Bathroom Faucets Pre-Order Now!

Imagine Never Having To…


the basin after brushing your teeth.


the makeup off your sink each night.


away the hair and gel after you shave.


away chemicals and disinfectants.

What is the Sink Spinner™?

Sophisticated, simple to use, eco-friendly, and fun– the Sink Spinner™ will revolutionize your bathroom faucet. Simply attach it and transform your faucet  into a powerful tool that automatically rinses your sink!

With its smart engineering and modern appearance, Sink Spinner™  is a product for anyone and everyone. Whether brushing your teeth, or shaving your beard, you can feel good knowing that Sink Spinner™ is doing its job.

Powered entirely by the water you are already using, the Sink Spinner™ makes your bedtime routine fun!

The Sink Spinner™ will end your sink nightmare.

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The Sink Spinner™  Revolution


Easy enough for even young children to use.

Save Time

Just Rinse and Run. No more last minute wipes, no more mess to clean up later either.

Reduce Stress

One less task for you to do on a daily basis!

Dentist Approved

Encourages you to brush your teeth longer.

Batteries NOT required.

Powered entirely by your running water.

Eco- Friendly

We slow the flow of water from your sink to under current recommended standards to conserve water.

Save Money

Use less water and spend less on your water bill.


Customizable skins allow you to change colors, themes and more!

See the Sink Spinner™ in action 

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